SAP Training In All Modules With Certification Guidance & Assured Placement

Our SAP training & placement course is 100% real-time and placement-focused. We specialize in technical and functional modules for SAP online training. Also, we offer dual courses which include combinations of technical and functional modules.

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SAP Training In All Modules With Certification Guidance & Assured Placement

SAP Training & Placement Course

SAP, the leading ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) product in the market, with a global presence with 280,000 customers across over 200 countries. A remarkable 75% of the world's transactional revenue is processed through SAP systems. Established in 1972 by five IBM engineers, SAP (Systems Applications and Products) originated by developing a real-time finance and materials management system. The core idea behind SAP is to help customers to interact with a shared corporate database across a wide range of applications.

Over the years, SAP has evolved, assembling numerous applications. Today, major corporations, including industry giants like IBM and Microsoft, rely on SAP products to manage their operations efficiently. SAP applications, centered around their advanced R3 systems, can handle financial transactions, asset management, production operations, materials management, personnel management, plant operations, document archiving, and cost accounting. The R3 system operates on various platforms, including Windows 2000 and all current versions, utilizing the server/client model. The latest iteration of R3 is equipped with a comprehensive Internet-enabled package.

SAP recently streamlined its product offerings into a unified web interface called mySAP. This platform includes new e-business applications such as SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM). The integration across different modules and processes ensures a seamless flow of details once an order is placed or entered, spanning through delivery, billing, maintenance, manufacturing, and aftercare processes. This comprehensive approach solidifies SAP's position as a pivotal solution for businesses worldwide.

Who Can Take Which SAP Module

SAP gives preference to candidates with a relevant postgraduate degree or domain experience. Individuals from a commerce background can enhance their skills through SAP training, such as SAP FICO for Financial Accounting and Controlling. Those with HR or recruitment experience may consider SAP HR/HCM modules. An MBA professional with marketing and sales experience, including coordination with factories and pricing knowledge, can benefit from SAP SD courses in sales and distribution. Those with purchasing knowledge or experience as a procurement officer can explore SAP MM for materials management and SAP PP for production planning.

Individuals in SQL and analysis roles can opt for SAP BO/BIW or SAP HANA, which are business analysis and reporting tools. SAP ABAP, or Advanced Business Application Programming, is the programming language that powers all SAP modules. It is considered SAP's proprietary language and is known for being user-friendly. SAP training and placement for all modules is available on Octovion and is provided by various trainers.

Explore SAP Training in the US with Real-Time Experts at Octovion

Octovion allows you to receive SAP training in the United States with industry experts. Our dedicated trainers believe in delivering courses that seamlessly blend practical and theoretical aspects, ensuring a quick and easy grasp of technology. The online SAP courses are designed to cater to basic and advanced learning levels.

1. Comprehensive SAP Training Curriculum

Our team of SAP trainers comprises professionals experienced in handling real-world scenarios with ease. Many of them work in top MNCs, offering flexibility for online SAP training and placement program sessions based on your schedule. The syllabus for online SAP courses covers all SAP modules, with live and practical examples.

2. Nationwide Presence

Our enrolled trainers span the US, covering 21 major cities. We are expanding our reach to meet the demand within the learner community, launching in more places soon.

3. Expert Guidance for Certification

Our trainers excel in imparting knowledge and guiding students to obtain SAP online training and certification. Whether you opt for SAP training and placement program and placement followed by certification or vice versa, our trainers ensure your readiness for the field.

4. Flexible Class Timings

With multiple class timings to suit every student, SAP training is scheduled on regular weekdays and weekends as per your request. Fast-track SAP online training and one-to-one sessions are also available. Corporate online SAP courses are tailored for employees seeking professional development.

5. Real-Time, Practical, and 100% Placement-Assured Training

Our SAP training and placement program is 100% real-time, practical, and placement-focused. Our competitive pricing and installment options aim to bring more SAP professionals into the market.

6. Commitment to Continuous Improvement

At Octovion, we consider our users as assets. We are passionate about continuously improving our services and maintaining high-quality training standards at every market level.

SAP Training and Placement Course Content

At Octovion, our trainers specialize in technical and functional modules for online SAP courses. Technical modules include SAP ABAP, SAP BASIS, SAP BI, SAP BIW, SAP XI/PI, and SAP BO. On the functional side, we cover modules like SAP FICO, SAP HR, SAP SD, SAP MM, SAP CRM, SAP PM, SAP PS, SAP SCM, SAP PP, SAP ABAP HR, SAP EP, SAP QM, SAP SEM, SAP SRM, SAP APO, SAP IS Retail.

Additionally, our trainers offer dual courses to provide a comprehensive learning experience. These include combinations such as SAP ABAP + SAP HR, SAP BI + SAP BO, SAP BI + SAP ABAP, SAP BI + SAP BO + SAP ABAP, SAP ABAP + SAP BI + SAP BO.

Why Take Up the SAP Training and Placement Program from a Non-IT Background

Many individuals employed in demanding manufacturing industries, such as chemical plants, automobile manufacturing, and steel plants, often face challenging job profiles by high physical activity and immense pressure to maintain machinery; therefore, many people are drawn to the IT industry as it offers a more appealing alternative.

SAP and its various modules present a compelling opportunity for those aspiring to transition into the IT sector. Here are several reasons why individuals find SAP attractive.

  • Lucrative Packages: Pursuing any SAP module and excelling in it opens the possibility of securing a high salary package. The IT industry, particularly SAP, values specialized skills and expertise, making it financially rewarding for professionals.
  • Reduced Stress: Choosing a career in SAP can lead to a less stressful work life than physically demanding manufacturing roles. IT work, including SAP-related roles, often involves problem-solving and strategic thinking, contributing to a more relaxed work environment.
  • Diverse Career Options: SAP provides various modules, allowing individuals to diversify their skill sets and explore various career paths within the IT sector. This flexibility enables professionals to adapt to changing industry demands and pursue roles aligned with their interests and strengths.
  • Secure Job Prospects: Obtaining an SAP training and placement program or opting for training followed by certification enhances job security. The demand for SAP professionals remains robust, ensuring a stable and enduring career path.
  • Creative Opportunities: Working with SAP allows professionals to engage in creative problem-solving. SAP solutions often involve optimizing business processes and implementing efficient strategies, allowing individuals to show their creativity in a technical context.

SAP Certification Assistance

Octovion collaborates with SAP trainers, offering a range of top SAP training and placement certification programs. These include certifications in SAP FICO, SAP HR, SAP SD, SAP MM, SAP CRM, SAP PM, SAP PS, SAP SCM, SAP PP, SAP ERP, SAP EP, SAP QM, SAP SEM, SAP SRM, SAP APO, SAP BPC, and more. It's highly recommended to undergo SAP online training and certification or consider training first, followed by SAP certification. This enhances your job prospects with potential employers, leading to higher salaries.

Even experienced candidates without SAP certification may not have as many opportunities. As a SAP consultant, staying updated on industry changes is crucial. Regularly taking the latest SAP certification courses will equip you with the skills needed for a successful IT and Data Processing career.

Now, if you want to know more details about Our SAP training and certification course you can e-mail us at or simply ring us at +1 (908) 617-0009. We look forward to helping you with any inquiries!

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