Become Hadoop Expertise By Learning Hadoop Online & Certification Training

Enroll in Apache Hadoop online training course and familiar with four key modules in the Hadoop framework. Make a career transition as a Hadoop expertise with our guidance and assistance in certifications & guaranteed placements.

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Become Hadoop Expertise By Learning Hadoop Online & Certification Training

Apache Hadoop

Apache Hadoop is an open-source framework used in distributed computing environments and released by the Apache Software Foundation. Its purpose is to facilitate the storage and processing of data across clusters through straight-forward programming models.

The Hadoop framework comprises four key modules. Firstly, there's Hadoop Common, which encompasses essential libraries and utilities required for other Hadoop modules. The second module is the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), designed to offer high-throughput access to application data. The third component is the Hadoop YARN framework, which is dedicated to job scheduling and efficient cluster resource management. Lastly, the Hadoop MapReduce module provides a programming model tailored for handling large datasets.

For a detailed understanding of these four pivotal modules, consider participating in Apache Hadoop online training classes at Octovion, which cover advanced topics and offer comprehensive insights into this powerful framework.

Why Choose Octovion for Apache Hadoop Training

1. 35 Hours of Hands-on Experience

Our Hadoop training at Octovion ensures a comprehensive 35-hour hands-on experience. Through instructor-led online training and computer-based sessions, participants actively engage with Hadoop concepts, tools, and applications. This practical approach gives a deep understanding of the technology, preparing learners for real-world scenarios.

2. Instructor-Led Online Training / Computer-Based Training

Our Hadoop training is a combination of both live instructor-led online sessions and flexible computer-based training. This dual approach caters to diverse learning styles, allowing participants to benefit from direct interaction with instructors while having the flexibility to learn at their own pace through computer-based modules.

3. Lifetime Access to Self-Paced Learning

Enrolling in our Hadoop training gives participants lifetime access to self-paced learning materials. This means continuous access to updated content, enabling learners to revisit key concepts, refresh their knowledge, and stay abreast of the latest developments in Hadoop technology.

4. Implementation of Real-Time Projects

The Hadoop training at Octovion goes beyond theoretical knowledge by incorporating real-time projects. Participants gain practical experience in implementing Hadoop solutions, applying their skills to solve authentic challenges encountered in the industry.

5. Marketing and Boosting Resumes to Prospective Employers

We understand the importance of effective career advancement. Our Hadoop training includes guidance on marketing your skills and enhancing your resume. We equip participants with strategies to showcase their Hadoop expertise, increasing their appeal to prospective employers in the competitive job market.

6. Case Studies and Real-Time Project

Through in-depth case studies and hands-on projects, our Hadoop training involves practical application. Participants analyze real-world scenarios, honing their problem-solving skills and gaining valuable insights into deploying Hadoop solutions effectively.

7. Post-training Support

Octovion is committed to supporting participants beyond the training period. Our Hadoop training offers post-training assistance, ensuring learners can access resources and guidance while applying their Hadoop skills in real-world projects.

8. Certification Assistance

We understand the significance of certifications in validating expertise. Our Hadoop training includes guidance and assistance in obtaining relevant Hadoop certifications, enhancing participants' credibility, and opening doors to new career opportunities.

9. Guaranteed Placements

For those aspiring to enter the job market or make a career transition, our Hadoop training at Octovion provides a unique advantage. Focusing on practical skills and industry relevance, we offer guaranteed placement assistance to support participants in securing roles aligned with their Hadoop expertise.

Apache Hadoop Course Content

This Hadoop certification course content is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Apache Hadoop for learners with varying experience levels. The hands-on approach and real-world projects ensure that participants gain practical skills applicable in professional settings.

Module 1: Introduction to Apache Hadoop

1.1 Understanding Big Data and Hadoop

  • Overview of Big Data
  • Introduction to Apache Hadoop
  • Significance of Hadoop in Big Data

1.2 Hadoop Architecture

  • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)
  • MapReduce paradigm
  • Hadoop Ecosystem Overview

Module 2: Hadoop Installation and Configuration

2.1 Installing Apache Hadoop in Single Node

  • Setting up a single-node Hadoop cluster
  • Basic configurations and setup

2.2 Installing Apache Hadoop in Multi-Node

  • Configuring Hadoop in a multi-node cluster
  • Node roles and responsibilities

Module 3: Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)

3.1 HDFS Architecture

  • NameNode and DataNode roles
  • Data replication and fault tolerance

3.2 Managing HDFS

  • File operations in HDFS
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting HDFS

Module 4: MapReduce Programming Model

4.1 Introduction to MapReduce

  • Map and Reduce phases
  • Writing and executing a basic MapReduce program

4.2 Advanced MapReduce Concepts

  • Combiners and Partitioners
  • MapReduce optimizations

Module 5: Hadoop Ecosystem Components

5.1 Apache Pig

  • Pig Latin scripting language
  • Data processing with Pig

5.2 Apache Hive

  • HiveQL and data warehousing
  • Querying structured data with Hive

5.3 Apache HBase

  • NoSQL database in the Hadoop ecosystem
  • Data modeling and operations in HBase

Module 6: Advanced Hadoop Concepts

6.1 Apache Spark

  • Overview of Spark in the Hadoop Ecosystem
  • Spark programming basics

6.2 Data Ingestion and Integration

  • Flume and Sqoop for data movement
  • Integrating Hadoop with external data sources

Module 7: Hadoop Cluster Management

7.1 Resource Management with YARN

  • YARN architecture and components
  • Job scheduling and resource allocation

7.2 Hadoop Cluster Optimization

  • Performance tuning and optimization strategies
  • Troubleshooting common issues

Module 8: Real-Time Projects and Case Studies

8.1 Implementation of Real-Time Hadoop Projects

  • Applying Hadoop skills to real-world scenarios
  • Case studies from industry use cases

Module 9: Certification Assistance and Career Guidance

9.1 Preparing for Hadoop Certifications

  • Overview of popular Hadoop certifications
  • Tips and resources for exam preparation

9.2 Career Pathways in Big Data

  • Exploring career options in Big Data and Hadoop
  • Industry trends and opportunities
  • Interactive Q & A session
  • Next steps in your Hadoop learning journey

Our commitment lies in providing a conducive learning environment where you acquire theoretical knowledge and gain practical skills through hands-on training sessions.

Join us to learn about Apache Hadoop and actively engage with the technology, ensuring that you are well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities in your career ahead.

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