Penetration Testing Training & Certification Course

Enroll penetration testing training with Octovion and find vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit. Gain certification on penetration testing.

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Penetration Testing Training & Certification Course

Penetration testing overview

A penetration test or pen test is an effort to evaluate the security of an IT infrastructure by securely trying to exploit vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities may present in Operating systems and application flaws, improper configurations or some risky end user behaviour.

Penetration tests can be performed using manual or automated testing technologies to compromise servers, endpoints, network devices, wireless networks and web applications. Once the vulnerabilities have been exploited successfully on a particular system, testers may attempt to use the compromised system to launch subsequent exploits at other internal resources.

Benefits of penetration testing

  • Penetration testing allows you to

  • Manage vulnerabilities intelligently

  • Avoid the cost of network downtime

  • Meet regulatory requirements

  • Protect your network and business from risks

  • Preserve corporate image and customer loyalty

About Penetration testing training course

Penetration testing training is delivered in the form of online or offline by trusted and certified experts. Penetration testing course is designed mainly for network administrators and security professionals who want to be a professional penetration tester. Penetration testing certification is the recognized certification in the information security industry. With complete knowledge on this testing course you will be able to identify any vulnerabilities and successfully execute attacks.

Learn penetration testing by enrolling online training with us. You can start the course as a beginner with little knowledge about penetration testing. The penetration testing course is divided into stages mentioned below.

  • Information gathering

  • Enumeration

  • Vulnerability scanning

  • Exploitation

The syllabus of this course includes the explanation for all the above-mentioned topics. Trainers start the course with basics of network and security concepts. You will learn how to exploit networks and how to protect users from cyber-attacks in the next level of the course. If you want to become a penetration tester, this course could take you to the next level of the career path.

Learn the methodologies and tools and techniques used by penetration testers. Get to know about the automated vulnerability scans and the security testing. With highly in demand hacking skills, become a certified penetration tester (CPT) or Certified Expert penetration tester (CEPT).

To obtain Penetration testing certification, enrol for the advanced study on penetration testing and ethical hacking strategies. Trainers here provide you resources to help you prepare for the certification. We have a team of highly skilled security professionals with extensive experience in the field. Their learnings are shared through course materials, tools and training.

Penetration testing Course outline

  • Introduction to Ethical Hacking

  • Foot printing and Intelligence Gathering

  • Identifying Vulnerabilities

  • Attacking Servers and Devices to Build Better Defences

  • Manipulating Clients to Uncover Internal Threats

  • Exploiting Targets to Increase Security

  • Testing Antivirus and IDS Security

  • Mitigating Risks and Next Steps

Course objectives

This is the perfect course for your career and quick start it to advance your skills on testing. We aim to make the trainees become skilled testing professionals. Since penetration testing is the continuous process trainers here help to keep you stay up to date with latest and trending techniques. The goal of this course is to help you become a master in penetration testing methodologies which can be used in hacking situations. Improve your hacking skills through our placement focused training.

Enroll penetration testing training with our trainers and learn the concepts. Become a master in the field. Gain in-demand career skills of a professional security tester.

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Penetration Testing Training with free course materials

Gain skills of a professional security tester. Enroll penetration testing training with our institute and learn the methodologies used in penetration testing.Get practical understanding of penetration testing process and life cycle.Penetration testing course requires candidates to have certain knowledge to attend the online class. Understanding of TCP/IP, networking and linux skills are required. ..

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