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Quality Assurance(QA) which is also known as Software Testing is very important and crucial to save the cost, time, efforts and the standard of the product. Quality Assurance according to the industry started out during the world war II where ammunition had to be tested for better performance. Nowadays the main purpose of QA is to correct potential errors before it hits the market. QA can be associated with every possible field of activity, from banking and education to software and consult.and it is absolutely essential because without it firms will be risking by releasing products that are below standards and in turn will be losing a lot of money, time and not fully exploit the potential ideas. This is where qa training or we can say QA testing training comes into picture and the current course that is Qa testing course includes an understanding of all the testing approaches that can be integrated into the software lifecycle that is very functional as well as easy to maintain products that are designed to deliver without any compromise on the grade and the condition of the software product. The emphasis is the QA training courses is to put on tests to find as well as to report bugs. You will be learning how to decipher the applications using static as well as dynamic techniques, perform boundary value analysis, conduct walkthroughs and audits and organize test development processes as well as create a good analysis of the test plan. If you don't wish to take up classroom mode training you can also opt for Qa online training.

The various test tools are widely used to automate the test process and we have so many Software Testing Tools in the market. The selection of tools is totally based upon the project requirements. When you practice the examples that are taught as part of the QA testing course you can choose tools like proprietary or commercial, or free tools like Open Source Tools. Free Testing Tools which may have many limitations in the features list of the product, so it is totally based on what are you looking for and what are your requirements. The tools are divided into different categories as follows: Load Testing Tools, Test Management tools, Functional Testing Tools. Know how these testing tools work and we at Octovion have a registered panel of trainers who will help you to pursue the QA training. Our success, especially in the world of intense competition, is our dedicated panel of trainers and the services that they offer qa testing training. We at Octovion are passionate about what we do and we are driven to excel in every aspect of our business. Octovion is a one-stop shop for IT services, Recruitment services & Training services. Our services also include qa training and placement as well as services with which we have tie-ups with many companies which are Fortune 500 companies.

Why is training so important

When you take up this immersive QA testing course boot camp at Octovion, it will prepare you with everything you need to get your QA certification. The trainers who will be dealing with the QA testing course will be empowering you with the skills that are needed to help you become that competitive candidate for a junior level to senior level QA engineer positions. The QA testing training will consist of organizing test development processes as well as creating a quality analysis and a test plan. You will be able to excel as well as apply the principles taught in the QA testing training of any size or type or complexity of the software based business system across various technology platforms. As part of the QA testing training, you will be learning all the key concepts such as black and white box techniques, regression, user acceptance, alpha, beta, test plan, specification, cases and bug reporting as a part of the job description of a Quality Assurance Professional. If you think that you cannot attend classroom mode training you can also opt for qa online training.

As part of the QA training and placement program, you will have instructor lectures, guest lectures, guided projects, individual projects, group projects and real projects with corporate clients. The student s as part of the QA training and placement program will work collaboratively with the lead instructor and the mentors throughout the QA testing course. Through the valid experience in specific languages and frameworks that are popular in the market today, students through the QA training and placement program will be able to achieve a flexible outlook and comfortable enough to tackle new technologies in the ever moving and ever-changing industry. Think of taking the QA online training to access the training remotely.

QA testing course contents

Our QA testing course contents are as below Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC), STLC Phases, Test case preparation, test case execution, test design case techniques, bug life cycle, bug reporting format, Database Testing, Inserting the checkpoints, synchronizing Test Execution, descriptive programming, Data Driven Testing, libraries, bug reporting and tracking, functions, inserting output values, Software Configuration Management, CMM levels in testing, testing principles and Test Closure Activity. Gain practical knowledge of various QA testing tools like Selenium, QTP, QC and sap testing by joining latest QA training and placement program from experts who are registered with us on Octovion. Octovion follows a service method which is comprehensive in maximizing efficiency. Most importantly, trainers follow a methodology in the QA training and placement program which is practical and designed as per our users' needs and requirements.

Octovion cares about giving graduates and professionals the best possible chance to succeed beyond the QA training and placement program. To get a quality assurance certification which is of real value that holds good in this world of work as it is very important to have some concrete experience to draw upon and to show potential employers draw on, and to show to potential employers. One of the unique things about this course is that we’ve worked with corporations to have our QA students work on actual software applications. Our QA training and placement program prepares our students with meaningful real-world know-how, hands-on experience working with a development team, and a chance to sharpen their skills and the QA online training will also help you to boost it up.

What are the Course Objectives

After the completion of the QA training courses the Trainee will:

  • Have knowledge in QMS and fundamental concepts in the testing process, manual as well as automation testing processes.

  • Potential to know all the different activities of Quality Assurance, quality control etc.

  • The capacity to recognize the importance of standards on the QMS and the influence on the final product.

  • Calibre to apply for quality tools to control as well as to monitor processes which will help in continuous improvements in the workplace.

  • Knowledge and skills to crack few globally recognized QA certification programs.

Why learn and get certified in Quality Assurance

Demand for software testers has been on the rise in the recent time and the demand graph of the software tester has increased so much in the recent years and this is the right time to take up qa testing training.

The need of Quality analyst will not be falling down in the time of recession or when there is an economic downfall. The company might slow down a bit but the job position for an analyst will not vanish and you can think of taking qa certification.

There are many positions out there that are project-based and taking the right QA testing course which is based on the real-time scenarios and the better tester you want to become the faster your salary will. There is new software that is being developed every day all over the world.

Every year according to global research every year the budgets for quality assurance as well as testing is being raised by 9% to achieve better business objectives thus creating a good market for professionals and taking the latest QA certification will help. May it be automated or manual software testing the demand for Quality Assurance professionals is only growing in leaps and bounds

Who can take the course?

  • Freshers or recent college graduate seeking success and a high future prospect should choose the QA testing training.

  • For those who have a degree and would want to have some additional skills should also appear for the QA training courses.

  • Also, the people who have good technical and non-technical skills or who want to change their career path can enroll for this QA training courses as career gates towards the IT field get opened for career-oriented people.

  • Taking up qa training courses is said to be some of the best options for those who want to enter the IT field.

  • The professional QA training courses are especially suited for those who are recent graduates as well as working professionals such as software testers, test engineer, programmers, test leaders to enhance their skills. They can get qa certification at the end too.

Preparation for Training and Certification

Professional QA certification will be helping you to showcase your proficiency and expertise in the particular domain and we can say that both vendor and vendor-neutral certifications are available in Software Testing or Quality Assurance. These QA certifications are designed with various aspects according to the market and the industry by distinguishing the talents of software assurance professional.

When you take up qa training courses which you gives you a solid understanding of the key topics covered by Foundation and Advanced Level certification exams. This is aimed for candidates who have recently finished the QA training and want to take up software testing as a profession. The QA certification program can be taken to boost the income potential, getting certified, demonstrating their knowledge and knowledge of skills and understanding fundamentals of software testing along with processes, tools, techniques and management methodology. The certification will be validating your ability to produce reliable, high-quality results with increased efficiency and the consistency. The QA training will be helping you to clear the certifications from reputed organizations.

Advantages of Online Training

For the practical aspect of QA training, if you are attending classroom mode, you will be given access to desktops and laptops for practice. In case you opt for qa online training the trainers themselves will help you to set up Virtual Machine in your System with local access. Detailed installation guides will be presented in the LMS for setting up the environment. When you take up qa online training there are many more advantages like

  • High-quality QA training will be given remotely and that too one to one in a live environment.

  • Latest and updated QA training will be given with a combination of new and existing internet technologies.

  • The student when he undergoes qa online training can a raise a query and have a live discussion with the other students too in case he is interacting.

  • Since the student gets live access to the server he/she can practice 24*7 helping him to practice without any time limits.

  • Availability of video transcripts and manuscripts 24*7.

  • Chat sessions with instructors.

  • Interactive training with cloud labs as the trainer deals with the portion.

The average salary for a QA tester in the US ranges approximately $66,000 per year for Quality Assurance Analyst to $90,212 per year for Software Test Engineer Along with world-class training there are plenty of registered companies who also provide placement services with top MNC's all over the US. Refer below to know about the course structure and timings of each trainer. We have trainers who are located all over the US across all major cities who are offering both offline as well as online training. You must register now immediately in order to get access. You can also fill in the quote below and drop your requirements in case you need something and we will get back to you.

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