Learn The Primary Language For Programming SAP Application Server - SAP ABAP Training & Placement Course

Become a SAP ABAP consultant by broadening your expertise in the primary language for programming SAP Application Server by enrolling in our SAP ABAP online training course. We provide certification assistance with guaranteed placement support.

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Learn The Primary Language For Programming SAP Application Server - SAP ABAP Training & Placement Course

SAP ABAP Online Training & Assured Placement

Table of Contents:

SAP ABAP is a high-level fourth-generation programming language developed by SAP. It serves as the primary language for programming the SAP Application Server, an integral component of the NetWeaver platform for constructing business applications.

Within ABAP’s NetWeaver platform lies a crucial role in constructing business applications. Proficient programmers with a solid understanding of object-oriented concepts and database principles can rapidly acquire expertise in ABAP.

SAP ABAP comprises three fundamental components

1. ABAP Development Workbench: This facilitates easy access to SAP's development tools, enabling efficient development processes.

2. ABAP Data Dictionary: This serves as a repository for variable and parameter definitions, enhancing the organization and accessibility of data.

3. ABAP Repository Information: It consists of a collection of programs developed using ABAP, ensuring a structured and comprehensive overview of the development.

SAP ABAP has many modules and applications, including ABAP Workbench, Menu Painter, Data Dictionary, Screen Painter, SAP Script, ALE (Application Link Enabling), EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), Business Server Pages, Business Connector, ALV (ABAP List Viewer) reporting, Business Workflow, Internet Application Server, Dialog Programming, ABAP OO (Object-Oriented), Report Painter, Report Writer, EBP (Employee Business Portal), ASAP Methodology, ASAP Queries, IDOCs (Intermediate Documents), LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench), Smartforms, and more.

An ABAP consultant has many opportunities for vertical growth, such as advancing to roles like System Analyst, Team Lead, Solution Architect, Technical Director, and more. Additionally, with sufficient experience, one can transition to functional domains and become a Business Consultant/Analyst, exploring areas of personal interest within the business realm.

Furthermore, there is potential for cross-training to acquire advanced skills like SAP HANA ABAP Programming, SAP S/4HANA - Programming, and SAP HANA Application Development, broadening one's expertise and career prospects.

Who can Opt for SAP ABAP Online Training

There are no specific prerequisites for starting to learn SAP ABAP. However, having some technical knowledge, such as proficiency in programming languages like C or C++, can make the learning process smoother. Being proactive and willing to work hard is essential, as dedication and perseverance are key to mastering ABAP. Remember, with determination and effort, anyone can learn ABAP effectively.

The SAP ABAP course consists of theoretical classes covering the fundamentals of each module, followed by intensive practical sessions designed just like the current challenges and requirements of the industry. These sessions require dedicated time and commitment from students.

Key Features of SAP ABAP Online Training at Octovion

1. Hands-on Experience

Learners get a comprehensive SAP ABAP training at Octovion with hands-on experience. Our instructor-led online or computer-based training ensures that you gain practical insights into the intricacies of ABAP programming, preparing you for real-world scenarios.

2. Instructor-Led Online Training / Computer-Based Training at Lowest Price Guarantee

At Octovion, we prioritize accessibility. Benefit from our instructor-led online training or choose computer-based training at the lowest price guarantee. Our flexible training options cater to diverse learning preferences, ensuring a cost-effective yet high-quality SAP ABAP learning experience.

3. Lifetime access to Self-Paced Learning

Learners get lifetime access to self-paced learning SAP ABAP course materials. Our comprehensive resources allow you to revisit training modules at your convenience, helping you to revise your SAP ABAP skills and stay up-to-date with evolving industry practices.

4. Implementation of Real-Time Projects

Apply your SAP ABAP knowledge to real-world scenarios by implementing real-time projects. Octovion's SAP ABAP training program goes beyond theory, providing you with hands-on experience to help in better proficiency and boost your confidence in actual project environments.

5. Marketing and Boosting Resumes to Prospective Employers

Stand out in the competitive job market with our dedicated support in marketing and boosting your resume. Octovion assists you in showcasing your SAP ABAP expertise effectively, making you an attractive candidate for prospective employers seeking skilled professionals in the field.

6. Case Studies and Real-Time Project

Learners get a rich learning experience with real-world case studies and projects, offering practical insights into problem-solving and decision-making. Octovion's SAP ABAP training integrated theoretical knowledge with hands-on application, ensuring you are well-equipped for the challenges of the professional landscape.

7. Post-training Support

Octovion is committed to your success beyond the training period. Our post-training support ensures that you continue to receive assistance and guidance as you navigate your SAP ABAP career. Benefit from our resources, community, and expert support to address any queries or challenges you may come across.

8. Certification Assistance

Achieve professional recognition with our certification assistance program. Octovion guides you through the certification process, providing the resources and knowledge needed to obtain your SAP ABAP certification successfully.

9. Guaranteed Placements

Octovion stands behind your career aspirations with guaranteed placement support for SAP ABAP learners. Our extensive network of industry connections and dedicated placement assistance ensures that you are well-positioned for lucrative opportunities in the SAP ABAP domain.

Topics covered in Octovion's SAP ABAP training:

  • Introduction to ERP
  • Introduction to SAP & R/3 Architecture
  • Introduction to ABAP/4
  • What is ABAP?
  • ABAP Dictionary Introduction
  • SAP ABAP Packages
  • SAP ABAP Variants
  • SAP ABAP Message Classes
  • Selection screen Introduction
  • SAP ABAP Open SQL Statements
  • SAP ABAP Internal Tables
  • Debugging Techniques
  • SAP ABAP Modularization Techniques
  • SAP ABAP Reports
  • Dialog / Module Pool Programming/ Transactions
  • SAP ABAP OOPS Concept Training
  • SAP ABAP Batch Data Communication
  • Legacy System Migration Workbench(LSMW)
  • SAP ABAP Scripts
  • Smart Forms
  • Runtime Analysis & SQL Tracing Cross Applications
  • RFC
  • ALE
  • IDocs
  • EDI
  • SAP ABAP User Exits
  • SAP ABAP Miscellaneous Topics

Modules Covered in our SAP ABAP Training Course:

Module 1: Introduction to SAP ABAP

  • SAP Overview
  • SAP Architecture
  • SAP Features
  • ABAP Development tools
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • SAP and R/3 Architecture
  • ABAP/4 overview

Module 2: ABAP Dictionary and Data Types

  • What is ABAP Dictionary?
  • Tables, domains, and data elements
  • Structure, table types, and objects
  • Indexes and buffering
  • Views, lock objects, search helps, and type pools
  • Primary Key and Foreign Key
  • Table maintenance generator
  • Numeric character, integer, floating-point
  • Time, strings, date, packed decimals

Module 3: ABAP Programming

  • Code Inspector, Opening and Updating SQL Statements,
  • Internal Tables, I/O statements and Formatting commands, and Runtime analysis.
  • Using Loops and Branches
  • If, else if, factorial and small programs, code inspector
  • Message classes and selection screens
  • Open and update SQL Statement
  • Insert and select
  • Delete, update and modify
  • Internal tables and field symbols
  • I/O statement and formatting commands
  • Runtime analysis and performance trace

Module 4: Debugging and Modularization Technique

  • Modularization Technique, Subroutines, Function Modules, and Groups and Passing parameters.
  • Introduction on debugging your program
  • System variables
  • Table mode
  • Watch points and breakpoints
  • Utilizing debugging editor
  • What is a modularization technique?
  • Subroutines
  • Includes
  • Function modules and function groups
  • Passing parameters and tables to subroutines

Module 5: Report Programming

  • Classical report events
  • Interactive reports
  • Control level commands
  • Hotspot, Hide, Get cursor techniques
  • Selection screens

Module 6: Application Link Enabling

  • ALE introduction and its features
  • Inbound and outbound processes
  • ALE configuration
  • ALE distribution scenarios
  • Logical system
  • RFC destination
  • Developing ports
  • Customer distribution model

Module 7: Intermediate Document (IDOC)

  • Introduction and features of IDOC
  • Structure, message type and IDOC type
  • Developing IDOC types, message types and process codes
  • IDOC enhancements
  • Segment definition and elements

Module 8: RFC and Work Flow

  • About RFC and Interaction mechanism using RFC
  • ABAP interfaces
  • Developing program using remote enabled functions
  • RFC destination between two systems
  • Overview of workflow
  • Creation of standard tasks and templates
  • Development of workflow builder and prefix

Module 9: Business Application Programming Interface (BAPI) and Business Add-Ins (BADI)

  • Definition of BAPI and SAP business objects
  • Features of BAPI & Developing BAPI
  • Working with BAPI
  • Introduction to BADI
  • Implementation of BADI

Enroll in our SAP ABAP course to explore these modules and advance your skills in SAP application development.

Contact us at +1 (908) 617-0009 or drop us a line at info@octovion.com for details on our newest IT certification courses.

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