We are Training and Hiring Freshers / Entry level engineers with or without experience in Devops

Devops online training is conducted by the certified professionals who are working top fortune 500 companies. We give excellent opportunity for the students through our excellent placement team after completion of this devops training and placement.

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Training Highlights

  • Convenient Learning
  • Real Time Projects
  • Placement Assistance
  • 24x7 Support
  • Free Course Materials

We are Training and Hiring Freshers / Entry Level Engineers with or without experience in Devops

Course Overview

We are Training and Hiring Freshers / Entry level engineers with or without experience in Devops

We are Training and Hiring Freshers / Entry level engineers with or without experience in Devops

For Devops job seeking candidates:

The devops job seeking candidates should have undergone the training previously in devops where they should posses a strong knowledge in SCM (Git/GitHub/BitBucket), Jenkins / eamCity, Tomcat/jboss, Apache, CI/CD pipeline creation, Docker, configuration management tools chef / puppet.
And also with good communication, if you are looking for the job please do mention when you apply in the email in title that 'Training Already Done'

Devops Training By Us

The devops training through our company is conducted by the professionals who have got the certification in devops alone, provided these are the trainers who are working top fortune 500 companies hence they will be giving you the exposure of real time experience. We give excellent opportunity for the students who join with us through our excellent placement team after completion of this devops training and placement. The Curicullum is designed by the top notch veterans and pre-eminent professionals in the industry hence once you are done with our devops training you will be able to handle the interview by yourself with ease and will be able to clear the interviews as we bring on the entry level jobs for you in the devops field. We also posses direct clients and prime vendors in this particular devops, hence placing our trained candidates is very easier.

Our Speciality on Devops Training

  • 1) Its a 37 hrs of training
  • 2) Live Project handling
  • 3) Real time scenarios
  • 4) Working faculties having minimum 2 years experience in training and certified
  • 5) Only through the best practises of online training like gotomeeting, zoom kind of advanced tools
  • 6) Job guaranteed
  • 7) Job support after the placement as we have already placed huge of devops candidates
  • 8) 24/7 doubt clearing with trainers as we have trainers all over the globe hence your doubts will be cleared immediately
  • 9) Recorded videos will be sent on the same day
  • 10) Best devops training as we are the pioneers in the industry of devops training and placement

Course Outline:

  • DevOps Essentials

    • 1.1. Why DevOps
    • 1.2. What is DevOps
    • 1.3. DevOps Trends
    • 1.4. DevOps Engineer Skills
    • 1.5. DevOps Delivery Pipeline
    • 1.6. DevOps Eco-System
    • 1.7. Use Case
  • Build Tools - VCS

    • 2.1. What & Why VCS?
    • 2.2. Tools in VCS
    • 2.3. GIT (What & Why)?
    • 2.4. GIT File Workflow
    • 2.5. GIT Commands
  • Build Tools - Jenkins

    • 3.1. What & Why CI?
    • 3.2. Introduction to Jenkins
    • 3.3. Plugin Management
    • 3.4. Building Delivery Pipeline
  • Build & Test Automation

    • 4.1. Build Setup
    • 4.2. Test Automation
    • 4.3. Securing Jenkins
    • 4.4. Notifications
  • Containerization - Docker

    • 5.1. Docker in DevOps
    • 5.2. First Steps in Docker
    • 5.3. Docker Fundamentals
    • 5.4. Image Distribution
    • 5.5. Containers
    • 5.6. Docker Networking
    • 5.7. Docker Volumes
    • 5.8. Docker Files
  • Continuous Deployment - CHEF

    • 6.1. Overview of CHEF
    • 6.2. Workstation Setup
    • 6.3. Resources
    • 6.4. Recipes
    • 6.5. Node Object
    • 6.6. Writing Cookbook
    • 6.7. Templates
    • 6.8. Variables
    • 6.9. Roles
  • Continuous Deployment - Nagios

    • 7.1. Introduction
    • 7.2. The Basics
    • 7.3. Nagios Command & Notifications
    • 7.4. Nagios Integration
  • Complete CI & CD Pipeline

    • 8.1. Building a complete CI & CD Pipeline including Build, Test, Package and Deploy.
  • Cloud Infrastructure - AWS

    • 9.1. Introduction to AWS Services
    • 9.2. Infrastructure Services - Compute
    • 9.3. Infrastructure Services - Storage
    • 9.4. Infrastructure Services - Network
  • AWS Integration with DevOps

    • 10.1. Introduction to AWS Code Commit
    • 10.2. Introduction to AWS Code Deploy
    • 10.3. Introduction to AWS Code Pipeline
  • AWS Integration with DevOps

    • 11.1. Additional AWS Services
    • 11.2. AWS Elastic Beans Talk
    • 11.3. AWS Ops Works
    • 11.4. AWS CloudFormation
    • 11.5 AWS Identity and Access Management

All visas can take up the training and placement through us Citizens, Green Card, OPT, H4 EAD

If you are any part of USA you can take up the training whether you are in Bayarea or New Jersey. Quality of training is the same through online.

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