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Tableau online training with assured placement

Course Overview

Tableau Desktop is one among the most used data visualization, reporting and Business Intelligence tool in the tech world.
Tableau is simple to use application which requires minimum skill level. It is the reporting tool of choice for multiple enterprises.
By enrolling for tableau online training you can gain a thorough introduction to data analysis and visual design in Tableau, and learn how to build views and interactive dashboards.
You will get to learn the following
1. Introduction and Overview
2. Why Tableau? Why Visualization?
3. The Tableau Product Line
4. Connecting to Data and introduction to data source concepts
5. Working with data files versus database servers
6. Understanding the Tableau workspace
7. Dimensions and Measures
8. Building Basic Views
9. Help Menu and Samples
10. Concepts and Options when Connecting to Data
11. Overview of other connection options
12. Joining multiple tables
13. Data Blending
14. Custom SQL
15. Publishing and Re-using Data Connections
16. Understand how to deal with data changes in your data source such as field addition,
deletion or name change
17. Re-using and sharing data connections ‚œ the concept of metadata
18. Creating Views
19. Marks
20. Size and Transparency
21. Highlighting
22. Working with Dates
23. Discrete versus Continuous3
24. Dual Axis / Multiple Measures
25. Combo Charts with different mark types
26. Scatter Plots
27. Pie Charts and Bar Charts
28. Small Multiples
29. Working with aggregate versus disaggregate data
30. Analyzing
31. Sorting & Grouping
32. Aliases
33. Filtering and Quick Filters
34. Cross-Tabs (Pivot Tables)
35. Totals and Subtotals
36. Drilling and Drill Through
37. Aggregation and Disaggregation
38. Working with Statistics and Trendlines
39. Getting Started with Calculated Fields
40. Working with String Functions
41. Basic Arithmetic Calculations
42. Date Math
43. Working with Totals
44. Custom Aggregations
45. Logic Statements
46. Formatting
47. Working with Labels and Annotations
48. Effective Use of Titles and Captions
49. Introduction to Visual Best Practices
50. Building Interactive Dashboards
51. Making your worksheet interactive by using actions and filters
52. An Introduction to Best Practices in Visualization
53. Sharing Workbooks
54. Publish to Tableau Server and Sharing over the Web
55. Scenario-based Review Exercises

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