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.net online training

.NET is one of the main and world-shattering advances in the programming technology platform that is available on the market right now and it greatly simplifies rich internet web application development programming innovation that aides in the development of web applications. It is an intense as well as open source created by Microsoft. In the .net course, you will get to learn how to create a solid place in the web improvement in the .net bootcamp. In the course, you will know how to make quality websites using the information that you pick from ASP.Net, C#, VB.Net, and Ajax. There is a wide range of .net applications and administrations like programming, planning, application development etc. You can now take up .net training online to create your own applications on the web as well as desktop. You can comprehend ideas as well as highlights by getting .net training from experts as well as get a .net certification at the end of the course.

We must all know that .Net with its wide and comprehensive programming model is created as a technological revolution in recent years and applications that are built using this framework is said to entice the user with visually stunning experiences. The .net certification training is sure to teach you how to do that. The framework also offers a stable as well as a secure platform for rich application development. There are many advanced software development kits from Microsoft which makes the .net software development faster, error-free and cheaper. In the .net bootcamp, you will be taught how to do so. We all know how the Windows OS is one of the most widely used and there is a huge demand for best-performing desktop, mobile, web as well as enterprise software solutions. The job opportunities that are out there who have.net certification has increased to a significant number in the past few years and taking the best .net training will help you to fulfill just that .net course.

We all know that our college education does not have any extensive .net course or a .net bootcamp to meet the corporate need. This is the basic reason why you need to take up training online as well as offline from reputed training providers who are enrolled on Octovion. The trainers who are registered here provide .net training onlineas well as offline to candidates who want to begin their career in.Net as the trainers provide .net training and on Microsoft technologies such as ASP.Net, C#, ADO.Net. MVC, WCF, Web Services, SilverLight, LINQ and SQL Server. The moment you finish the .net certification training you can take up.net certification as the trainers provide the attendees with realistic, hands-on, in-depth knowledge and skills to develop rich Internet web applications and the training course also examines the fundamentals of C# which is essential for writing ASP.Net programs. This training program is best designed to help you to work and prepare for the 4 Microsoft related .Net certificationexams.

Course Contents

The trainers will give .net certification training to freshers as well as professionals. The .net course will begin with Introduction to Dot Net and WWW, C sharp language fundamentals, variables and data types, OOPs in C#, Structures and arrays, delegates and events, Enums & Preprocessors, Exception Handling, collections, generics, implicit and explicit type casting, ASP.NET Development Model, Web Forms, Validation Controls, Working with Master Pages, Master Pages Event Ordering, Building Themes and working with it, ADO.NET Architecture, Data Providers, Data Source Controls, Transactions and Concurrency, State Management, session state, cookies, working with Javascript in ASP.NET Pages, Working with AJAX, AJAX Server Side Controls, page, and fragment level caching, Data Source Control Caching, Building User and server Controls, Design Time Support, Debugging, ASP.NET Configuration & Deployment, Global Assembly Cache, About LINQ, LINQ Queries, LINQ to DataSet, SQL and XML, Web Services, Creating C# Web Services, Windows Communication Framework Architecture, Constructing Resource-Oriented Services, MVC Framework, Orchestrating Application Requests, Working with Data in MVC Framework, Ajax with MVC, ADO.NET Entity Framework, Entity Data Model, Working with EDM Queries, LINQ to Entities case study and a project is part of the .net bootcamp course.

We are said to have a number of.net training institutes who are also tied up with us to provide the candidates to give .net course training. We also have a number of firms who are enrolled with us to provide placements and we are maintaining a record when it compares to any other institutes in the US. .Net framework has a huge set of libraries and these libraries support various languages such as VB.Net, C#, Net, ASP.Net etc and these pillars for.Net framework. Architects of.Net framework has faced so many issues when it comes to giving correct solutions for these problems by giving numerous as well as extensive features in the .Net framework. The .net certification training will be covering all the aspects and solutions to the problems. Rich support of GUI is one of the main features and in the .net training onlineyou will be seeing how to use the IDE to drag and to drop the controls without much to code and the code will be generated automatically while dragging and dropping. The.net bootcamp will end with the student becoming proficient.

The main fundamental reason to enroll for the .net training online as well as offline on Octovion is that the trainers are rated as some of the best in the US to provide you .net certification training and the students are trained with some of the best in the industry and the students will get to work on real-time projects and .net certificationcan be taken by the candidate at the end. The trainers will be guiding them throughout with regard to certifications and whenever they get stuck with the coding. You will find N number of trainers who give you .net course is not the full capacity and you may be disappointed with the free materials that are present online as they are not updated frequently. The .net bootcampis sure to satisfy you completely and we promise you that you will be directly placed in a workplace from the classroom. We completely differ from other places when it comes to a full practical session and that is why the trainers are ranked as the best when it comes to best.net training providers in the US.

By the end of the .net course, you will be learning about

1) creating single page applications.

2) creating tags, views, and components

3) using web APIs

4) creating, routing, security, navigation, state management.

5) visual studio tools and features.

6) test-driven development in Asp.Net.

7) Asp .Net benefits and principals.

8) Asp .Net core architecture.

The .net training provided by the dynamic faculty is sure in aiming to bring out how to create web applications and the ability to cope up with.Net technology updates and latest updates to setup your own ASP.Net application and to create a secure MVC. There are even some .net training onlinedemo classes that are available to measure the quality. The faculty makes sure that you cope up with all the.Net technology updates and all the latest updates to the .net framework and highly advanced development techniques. There are many who give you .net certification trainingas well as in classroom mode. You will be getting to learn how to secure the MVC application with ASP.Net identity and since you will be measuring the quality of the classes by attending the demo you can take a pick and take up .net bootcamp which you like by the trainer and finish the .net certification towards the end with complete satisfaction.

Here are some of the course key features which you may not get anywhere else

1) State of art .net training with research on the market trends.

2) Hands on trainers who have real time experience on .net and conducting .net certification training.

3) Post training support to prepare for jobs and to take the .net certification.

4)Dot net test assignments to explore for jobs.

5)Support in the form of forums to clarify queries and.net training online.

6)Passionate instructors who share knowledge as well as experience.

7)A Strong foundation for a good future.

8)In-depth .net bootcamp training on ASP.Net as well as ADO.Net.

9)Teaching with live examples with some of the best industry practices.

10) Good familiarity with DotNet concepts in the .net course.

11)Interactive training with cloud labs as the trainer deals with .net training online.

12) Session wise recorded videos will be provided too and various levels of skills tests will be given to get familiar with the concepts of Asp .net

13) Chat sessions with instructors.

14) enterprise online classes for .net training for MVC 3/4/5.

15) Mock tests and support for developing live projects.

16) Full set of training materials that are trained

17)Online classes as well as training to clear .net certification

18)Deployment of application in real world.

The expertise that faculties have when it comes to giving instruction in downloading of the Microsoft Dot net developer tools. You can attend the free demo class for.net trainingwhich is been conducted by real-time IT experts where you will be getting hands-on experience after completion of the course.


Coming to the trainers who have enrolled on Octovion to provide .net training online as well as .net certification trainingare not being compromised at all in any level and here we have listed the following features of them

  • The trainers definitely have 8+ years of industrial experience in MS related technologies.

  • The trainers have complete computer background from reputed universities.

  • The trainers will be explaining real time scenarios that from the Microsoft portal.

  • They will keep you clarify your doubts.

  • They will be helping you to do live projects which is a part of .net training.

  • They will also get to teach you new technologies as per the industry standards.

  • Help you to get .net certificationat the end of the course.

Do you wish to know where to get the best training at the convenience of your home or by staying in your home, here you can avail this facility by taking up the training and here are some factors that make it so special?

  • Convenience: No matter where you are, it may be at your home or office or India or the US, trainers are enrolled with us to provide you the best training assistance.

  • Saving time: you will be spending less time on travel and more time by gaining some of the best training,

  • Custom fitting: You can have your own training course which is customized according to the speed and you can customize according to your learning speed. The trainers will make sure that they fine tune it in accordance to the learning pace and to deliver the best online training experience.

  • Reliability: If you are still thinking of having just the classroom training alone will be getting laurels. Then make sure that you forget it and we assure you that it will be giving you a whole new dimension.

  • Practicality: In order to enhance your learning curve and to make a job and a project ready candidate in the form of you to fit into the competitive IT industry.

  • Theoretical and practical sessions: The sessions will be having 50% Theory oriented and 50% Practically oriented.

  • You can have a Personalized Query Solving for your sessions and can give feedback immediately.

We give you an assurance that our registered trainers will be making you a job-ready candidate after the end of the training and even though we have trainers who are based in the US, they also offer training services all over the world as well the methodology of teaching is just right for freshers as well as experienced candidates which is unique as well as effective. As per glassdoor the national average ASP Net Developer salary is at ₹3,32,000 with a minimum standing at $184K and a maximum at $553K.

You will not regret coming to us and you will definitely have a good future. Fill in the quote below and let us know your requirements.

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