.NET Certification Training Course With Placement

Learn .NET concepts through real-time applications and prepare thoroughly for .NET certifications through our mock tests. Enroll in our dedicated certification course and get insights into exam-clearing strategies.

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.NET Certification Training Course With Placement

.net online training

.NET is a powerful technology for creating web applications. Microsoft developed it, simplifying building robust internet applications. .NET has emerged as a significant technological advancement in recent years, offering a broad and comprehensive programming model. Applications built using this framework provide visually stunning experiences for users. Enrolling in a .NET certification course will teach you how to achieve this. The framework delivers visually appealing experiences and provides a stable and secure platform for developing robust applications.

In a .NET certification course, you'll learn to create websites using ASP.Net, C#, VB.Net, and Ajax. The course covers various aspects, such as programming, design, and application development. By taking .NET training online, you can build your own web and desktop applications. Expert guidance will help you understand concepts and receive a certification upon completing the course.

Why Choose Octovion for the .Net Certification Course

1. Cutting-Edge .NET Training

Explore the latest advancements in the .NET framework, including updates, new features, and industry best practices. Gain insights into how these innovations impact web and desktop application development.

2. Experienced Hands-On Trainers

Learn from top-notch trainers with extensive real-world experience in .NET development. These instructors bring practical insights, share case studies, and provide examples from their professional journeys for an all-around training experience.

3. Post-Training Job Support

Receive ongoing support tailored for job readiness. This includes resume building, interview preparation, and guidance on showcasing your .NET skills effectively to potential employers.

4. Practical .NET Assignments

Engage in a variety of practical assignments that simulate real-world development scenarios. These assignments help understand theoretical knowledge and help you build a portfolio showcasing your practical skills.

5. Online Support Forums

Access an online community where you can connect with fellow learners, discuss challenges, and seek guidance from instructors and peers. The forums serve as a valuable resource for continuous learning.

6. Build a Strong Foundation

Establish a solid foundation by diving deep into fundamental .NET concepts. Understand the underlying principles that form the backbone of web and desktop application development using the .NET framework.

7. Comprehensive Bootcamp Training:

Experience an intensive boot camp that covers ASP.NET and ADO.NET comprehensively. Learn in-depth about these technologies, from web forms and data access to advanced features like transactions and concurrency.

8. Live Examples and Best Practices:

Learn through real-life examples that illustrate the application of .NET concepts in various scenarios. Explore industry best practices and understand how to implement them for efficient and effective development.

9. Thorough Understanding of DotNet Concepts:

Develop a thorough understanding of key Dot Net concepts, including language fundamentals, object-oriented programming, and data handling. Lay a strong foundation for advanced topics covered in the .NET training.

10. Interactive Cloud Labs:

Engage in hands-on, interactive sessions using cloud labs. Simulate development environments and practice practical exercises to enhance your skills in a risk-free, virtual setting.

11. Session Recordings and Skill Tests:

Access recorded video sessions for reinforcement of concepts. Participate in skill tests at different proficiency levels to assess your understanding and track your progress.

12. Chat Sessions with Instructors:

Participate in live chat sessions with instructors to address queries, seek clarification, and discuss specific challenges. This personalized interaction enhances your learning experience.

13. Mock Tests and Project Support:

Prepare thoroughly for .NET certifications through mock tests that mirror exam conditions. Receive guidance and support for developing live projects and applying your skills to real-world scenarios under the mentorship of experienced instructors.

14. Comprehensive Training Materials:

Access extensive .NET training materials, including documentation, tutorials, and code samples. These resources serve as comprehensive references, supporting your learning journey and beyond.

15. .NET Certification Assistance

Enroll in dedicated online classes designed to prepare you for .NET certification exams. These classes cover exam objectives, provide practice tests, and offer insights into exam-clearing strategies.

16. Real-World Application Deployment

Gain practical insights into the deployment of .NET applications in real-world environments. Understand considerations, best practices, and potential challenges associated with deploying applications successfully.

Advantages that Octovion Offers

1. Convenience:

Access .NET training from anywhere, whether at home, in the office, or India or the US. Our enrolled trainers are dedicated to providing top-notch training assistance regardless of your location.

2. Time Savings

Save valuable time that would otherwise be spent on travel. With our training, you can invest more time in gaining high-quality skills and knowledge.

3. Custom Fitting

Tailor your .NET certification course to your specific needs and learning pace. Our trainers work to customize the training experience, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your learning speed for an optimal online learning experience.

4. Reliability

Move beyond the traditional classroom setting. Our .NET training offers a new dimension, providing reliable and effective learning experiences beyond the laurels associated with conventional training methods.

5. Practicality

Enhance your learning curve to become a job and project-ready candidate, ready to excel in the competitive IT industry.

6. Theoretical and Practical Sessions

Benefit from a balanced approach with 50% theory-oriented and 50% practically-oriented sessions, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

7. Personalized Query Solving and Immediate Feedback:

Receive personalized assistance for your queries during sessions and get immediate feedback, fostering a more interactive and engaging learning environment.

Our teaching methodology is designed to cater to both freshers and experienced candidates, offering a unique and effective approach. As per Glassdoor, the national average ASP.Net Developer salary stands at ₹3,32,000, with a minimum of $184K and a maximum of $553K. Our .NET training is geared towards preparing you for success in this competitive field.

.Net certification course content

1. Introduction to Dot Net

2. Basics of C# programming language

  • Understanding variables and data types
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOPs) in C#

3. Advanced C# Concepts

  • Structures and arrays
  • Delegates and events
  • Enums & Preprocessors
  • Exception Handling

4. Collections and Generics

  • Working with collections
  • Introduction to generics

5. ASP.NET Development Model

  • Basics of ASP.NET
  • Web Forms
  • Validation Controls
  • Working with Master Pages
  • Event Ordering in Master Pages
  • Building Themes and their application

6. ADO.NET Architecture

  • Overview of ADO.NET
  • Data Providers
  • Data Source Controls
  • Transactions and Concurrency

7. State Management

  • Session state
  • Cookies

8. Client-Side Development

  • Working with JavaScript in ASP.NET Pages
  • Introduction to AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)
  • AJAX Server-Side Controls

9. Caching

  • Page and fragment-level caching
  • Data Source Control Caching

10. Building User and Server Controls

  • Design Time Support
  • Debugging in .NET

11. ASP.NET Configuration & Deployment

  • Overview of Configuration
  • Deployment strategies

12. Advanced Topics

  • Global Assembly Cache (GAC)
  • Introduction to LINQ (Language Integrated Query)

13. LINQ and Data Handling

  • LINQ Queries
  • LINQ to DataSet, SQL, and XML

14. Web Services

  • Basics of web services
  • Creating C# web services

15. Windows Communication Framework (WCF)

  • WCF Architecture
  • Constructing Resource-Oriented Services

16. Model-View-Controller (MVC) Framework

  • Orchestrating Application Requests
  • Working with Data in the MVC Framework
  • Ajax with MVC

17. ADO.NET Entity Framework

  • Overview of Entity Framework
  • Entity Data Model
  • Working with EDM Queries
  • LINQ to Entities

18. Case Study and Project

  • Application of learned concepts in a practical case study
  • Final project development as part of the .NET certification course.

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