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Nosql Training and Placement with free resume building - best trainers

Course Overview

Top notch online NoSQL training right at your doorsteps.
Explore the possibilities NoSQL databases that offer developers for unparalleled flexibility and performance. I
n this course, the trainer will be showing how to build an entire web application with CouchDB and introduces techniques such as querying with JavaScript, working with nested data, and creating views.
They will also explain some of the trade-offs that you might encounter with NoSQL databases, such as the complexity of partitioning data across multiple servers, and presents five commonly used NoSQL databases: CouchDB, MongoDB, Cassandra, Riak, and Redis.
Topics that are included are as follows:
+What is NoSQL?
+Installing CouchDB on Mac, Windows, and Linux
+Storing data
+Nesting document data
+Specifying search criteria
+Reducing data
+Attaching and retrieving images
+Deploying applications
+Securing CouchDB
+Understanding the CAP theorem

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