Java training and placement by Leading Experts in the Industry

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Training Highlights

  • Convenient Learning
  • Real Time Projects
  • Placement Assistance
  • 24x7 Support
  • Free Course Materials

Java training and placement by Leading Experts in the Industry

Course Overview

Java training and placement by Leading Experts in the Industry

We are a training and a Consulting company having branches in New Jersey (Nj), California, Chicago, Dallas and Washington DC. We are providing training and placement for the candidates who are keenly looking for a Java career.

We are a preeminent company and we have direct and partner companies who are looking for Entry level Java Developers. We give advanced java training in which you can get placed quickly once you are done with the training.

Nitty-Gritty of our Java Training

  • Trainers having 5+ years of experience will be taking up the java training
  • Best in Class training with Real time scenarios in java and live java projects will be explained and will be assigned to you to get a real understanding of the java subject
  • Assignments will be given periodically after every class hence you will become more perfectionist in java subject on the segments
  • 24/7 email and support on the questions and doubts you have in java subject
  • Java online training Sessions will be recorded and will be sent across to the candidates the same day itself so that you can practice on the concepts of java on the same day.
  • Individual Attention is given to all our java training candidates so that their weakness and strengths are noted down periodically
  • We will give special attention and individual one -to-one java classes to the candidates who are very much weak on the java subjects to make you as a java expert at any cost.
  • Job oriented java training at each level is given, thus after this training you will be able to make up with the java job more swiftly as you are already trained in these scenarios on a day to day basis of your job.
  • The java online training is a boost from our end as we give extra time wherever possible which makes our java training candidates to become experts in short time
  • Our java training online uses the high-end technologies to conduct the training hence you will be able to get clear understanding of the subject
  • Specialized Training on how to clear the java interview, expected java questions will be given to the candidates so that they are prepared for the same. We will also conduct mock interviews on java.
  • Impressive Entry level java resumes will be prepared by us, especially by the java experts and top-level java recruiters who are veterans in the industry which helps your java resume to speak on the job boards with hiring managers
  • Both core java and advanced java subjects will be covered during the training and hence you will be an expert in java precisely.
  • Current Java Experts in the industry in USA who are our consultants in java will be having a sessions with you every week to give you an idea on the current scenarios and the challenges they faced in java projects and they will also explain the nature of their java jobs which will be helpful for you during the java interviews as well as in the jobs
  • Mock interviews on java subjects will be conducted frequently provided a quiz competition on java will be initiated two weeks within the batch students to increase the interest on java subjects in them. Then you will be awarded surprise gifts for those who are thriving to the top at the end of the java training and placement course
  • Lifetime support on the topics of java if you do have any questions in future
  • Reference Bonus will be provided to our Java Students who refer their friends and relatives

Key Features after our Java Training

  • Our Ultimate feature is that we will be giving you side by side of the training, the mock interview sessions from the real interview panels who take up the interviews in real time, provided we also have a dump of java interview questions which will be given to you.
  • We have an aggressive marketing team who will be able to get you java interviews for the entry level jobs coming up
  • We have connections with prime vendors and direct clients to get you placed in java jobs
  • Once you get placed, we will be able to help you in the java job support hence you dont want to think on your performance in your job
  • We make sure our consultants who are currently working in java gets a periodic technology update on java related technologies as we believe knowledge is power
  • We are a financially sound company that you will paycheck on time even there is delay from the vendors or clients end
  • We have excellent perks available to our consultants which is more exciting than other companies on board
  • We have an excellent Support team who can answer any time on any of your doubts on any issue ranging from your accounts to timesheet etc.
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