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Cassandra Online Training with complete materials - Huge discount - Enroll now

Course Overview

Cassandra is used by database professionals for data modelling. The data handling in Cassandra is different compared to the traditional database models. With some knowledge in database concepts anyone can learn Cassandra course.

We are the top institute offering Cassandra training to people. We have expert trainers who let the aspirants grasp the course completely. Through this training you can learn to manage and store huge amounts of data across commodity servers using Cassandra

We provide the training both online and offline and as per your timings.

What are the Prerequisites for learning Cassandra?

There are no specific prerequisites for taking up the course. Basic familiarity with Linux will be helpful.

Cassandra Course Agenda would be as follows:

  • Understand Cassandra and NoSQL domain.

  • Difference between RDBMS and Cassandra

  • Port existing application from RDBMS to Cassandra

  • create Cassandra cluster for different kinds of applications. Learn Key

  • features of NoSQL database and CAP theorem

  • Understand Apache Cassandra Architecture.

  • Design and model Applications for Cassandra.

  • Learn to use Cassandra with various programming languages.

  • Install, configure and monitor Cassandra

  • Learn to use Cassandra for handling large volumes of data

  • Prepare for the Apache Cassandra DataStax Certification

The instructor led online training will be offered by expert trainers where you can gain benefits including recorded sessions and lifetime e-learning access.

The indepth concepts included in the Cassandra course is as follows

  • Managing Cassandra and adding nodes

  • Environment tuning

  • Prepare the operating system

  • Conceptual data modelling

  • Resilient Distributed datasets

  • Processing Cassandra data

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