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Course Overview

Blockchain certification course at low price - course materials free

If you are a developer who wants to decipher the craze that is surrounding the Blockchain and Bitcoin you can take up the Blockchain Course. The course will impart an overall outline of the structure and mechanism of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger and Multichain Blockchain platforms. You will also be learning how to set up your own private Blockchain, and deploy smart contracts on Ethereum.

Anybody who is looking forward to upgrade their careers and get on the exciting blockchain domain can enroll in this blockchain online training.

Our trainers help you learn the course in-depth with live projects. We are one of the top training institutes in US providing job oriented blockchain training to people. Learn the course from basics to advanced level and get certification in blockchain. Many companies today looking for certified blockchain developers for their job role.

Here are some of the topics that will be covered

  • Intro To Blockchain And Cryptocurrency

  • Clearing And Settlement

  • Ethereum And Blockchain Platforms

  • Bitcoin and Blockchain Data Structures

  • Assets And Tokenization And The Value Of The Blockchain

  • Your First Wallet And Intro To Blockchain API

  • Creating the Blockchain: Mining

  • Smart Contracts

  • Regulatory Environment

  • Use Cases

  • Security: Attacks And Trust-Less Networks

  • Your First Currency

  • Bitcoin Blockchain Adoption

  • Emerging Trends in Blockchain

  • Blockchain Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Blockchain and Public Policy

  • Future Span Of Blockchain

  • Extending Blockchains

  • Implement Blockchain using Hyperledger

  • Implementing Blockchain using MultiChain

  • Project

We also provide placement assistance to get you placed in top companies. Enroll now by filling the form here and become a trained blockchain professional.

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